all time favorite - sifting green sand!

grease filtration

-is VERY important!!! this one time the fuel line got clogged...after finally chewing a giant gaping hole in the oil tank A WHOLE HEADLESS CHICKEN was extracted!Proof?-you ask:

some raw material: bottle glass+aluminum cans, fuel: premium dining hall quality, the smasher: bowlingballonstick=the most useful (and fun!) tool


it all started in alfred...

with a rusty oil drum, homemade refractory recipe and dumpstered insulation brick. Oh, and a ton of research that led back to the simplicity of "The Artful Bodger's Waste Oil Furnace"- a very handy book. Link- artful bodger


It's funny, you use wvo to save the environment and end up outputting the same amount (if not more) of soot. So then you think to yourself "soot's what they make ink out of, I'll just cast a giant glass funnel and collect the soot from the furnace and switch out the blades of my clippers for a needle and start a tattoo parlor!"